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about the kachina doll maker

Kachina dolls are a very ceremonious and important part of the Hopi Tribe. Kachina doll makers are often members of the tribe who will directly be participating in an upcoming ceremony. Kachina doll makers have a very rich and historical past which is why kachina dolls are so popular in more than just the Native American community. The is a proud history, much popularity, and many uses for kachina dolls and Native American kachina doll makers.

About Kachina Doll Makers

Kachina doll makers are said to have started the history of kachina dolls in the 19th century. Most kachina dolls were made later in the 19th century; however, there is evidence that kachina dolls go back as far as the late 18th century. Kachina doll makers do not confirm this, but there is evidence. There are four style periods for the kachina dolls. These periods are the Early Traditional, Late Traditional, Early Action, and Late Action with the last one extending into current times.

Kachina dolls have grown in popularity over the years. It is hard to determine exactly how many different types of kachina dolls there are. It is said that there are around 200. Although even kachina doll makers do not know the exact number. With the rise in popularity there has also been a rise in how make fake kachina dolls are made. Authentic kachina dolls can sell for a good amount so it is no surprise that there are kachina doll makers out there who carve poorly made dolls and try to pass them off as authentic. These kachina doll makers have a lack of respect for the Native American community. All kachina doll makers should carve for the culture and value that has been set in place by Native Americans.

Kachina doll makers get great pride out of what they create and one of the reasons is because of how the dolls will be used. The dolls are often used in ceremonies and then passed down to daughters. Every doll symbolizes something different which is why kachina doll makers often make several different dolls in the days leading up to a ceremony. The pride and connection to the tribe is something that will always remain special to kachina doll makers.

Kachina dolls and kachina doll makers have a very long and proud history. From the beginning to the growth in popularity and it’s many uses, kachina dolls are a special part in the life of any kachina doll maker. The appreciation of kachina dolls are felt by all kachina doll makers and the rest of the great Hopi Tribe.

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